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Population monitoring
  • Research > Population monitoring
  • Since 2003, SdE has been particpating in a study (On-board Test) aiming to propose protocols for monitoring cetacean populations in the Pelagos Sanctuary. This study is being carried out on board liner vessels under the direction of the EPHE (School of Advanced Studies, Paris) with the support of the SNCM ferry company.

    The advantage of this project is using existing means of population monitoring, thus limiting its costs and ecological impacts.

    This work links scientific cataloguing protocol with an awareness campaign for car ferry passengers travelling between Corsica and the continent. The topics covered include reduction of environmental impacts linked to navigation, as well as an introduction to Mediterranean cetaceans.

    The results, presented to the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development in November 2006, should allow the development of a new tool for Pelagos Sanctuary administrators.

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    Beaubrun P., Mayol P., Astruc G. and F. Capoulade (2006) - "Tests Navires" : Tests de validation des protocoles applicables au suivi des populations de cétacés à bord des navires de lignes régulières. Final report for the OCEANIDES / PNPC contract, on behalf of the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, 154 p.

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